Sunday, 14 August 2011

Melilea Oxy Intensive Cream

Been 3months since I officially no longer hold the title "student". No more late night studying, nomore cramping in front of the pc finishing assignments, paper projects, thessis, blah blah...The past 6 months of life was literally hell on earth (for me atleast..;p) with the final exams, completing several projects for a perfectionist supervisor and not forgetting MULTIPLE relationship breakups lol..swore I was gonna celebrate this freedom to the fullest~!

Starting with watching tv till midnight, than I stayed up till around 2 or 3am. From there, my sleeping habits just turn upside down.By now, I can longer sleep until right after 6am..But what does this irregular sleeping habits do to me other than the awesome eyebags that makes my eyes looks like they had professional touch for a smokey eye shadow effects? Yeah,the owhsofamous favourite cousin of skin problems.THE PIMPLES!

I have a combination skin, and I thank god my skin can be considered as quite "manageble" except for one or two baby pimples every now and then, a little bit uneven skin tone here and there. But just recently with the irregular sleeping habits (and I did become a little bit forgetful to put on my night cream and all), and with some help from the imbalance hormone, my face was so dry and starts to look like the ufo's landing spot!! Mommy and daddy pimples got hitched and they produced babies like nobody's business..~sigh~

Getting annoyed by this problem, I rummaged through my trusty facial cream basket (I had so many facial products over the years that I just cant seem to throw out so I piled everythg in a basket;p) and found this Melilea Oxy Intensive Cream (no.5) . I remembered mommy gave me this product to give it a try last few months and yet I never put it on before. So i thought, "Yeah,what the hell. What worst could happen anyway?". So, that night, I washed my face and apply a thin layer of the Melilea Oxy Intensive Cream (no.5) and the next morning, surprise2!! The red inflammations are gone.Pimples seems like it got shrunk to half the size it was the night before and the dry spots on my face were vanished!

The cream can also be applied at night and during day time but it's moisture effect on the skin stays out the whole day even after washing my face in the morning. I dont have any idea what kind of chemical they put in this product so I googled it (obviously..) and another surprise,it's organic! Melilea's product comes from organic resources and the ingredients in the products are derived from natural plant based extract.

I cant say that this product may be for everyone but if you got a dry,normal/combination skin you might want to give this product a try. And as for those with sensitive skin, you might want to get the sample tube before opting for the whole bottle or the entire product of Melilea Botanical Skin Care Series.Good luck;)


  1. terima kasih atas informasinya :)

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